Since the last blog I wrote, I'm now a LYTE bike natural, cruising with ease every single place I go, never without my LYTE bike, until.. 'Can I borrow your bike tomorrow I'm off to the gym after work?' Ross, who to be fair to him has an hour walk back from the closest cross-fit gym, needs my bike more than I, who has a 10-minute walk to work, need it, so I let him. I got back on my feet and started walking, a now more torturous act since adjusting to life with wheels, but it made sense and i'm a great girlfriend.

Two weeks passed and i'd not had a look in since telling him he could borrow it that one time! I might not technically need my bike as much as Ross but I wanted it! I missed it, I'd gotten used to it and walking was tainted now. I thought to myself, if I dump Ross, I won't have anyone to carry the shopping in, but i'll finally have my bike back all to myself...but the shopping is heavy and we live on the top floor.. so instead I just came out with it, 'I WANT MY BIKE BACK'.

Now he'd adjusted to his new streamlined, speedy lifestyle, where his journey back from the gym was taking him 15 minutes instead of an hour, there was no way he was going back, he got on, and ordered his very own. Ross seems to think everything is a race so it was only right that he ordered the sportier, Classic 55 model, to help him skim a couple of seconds off of whatever journey, whilst I happily cruise along on my step model. He picked it up from the LYTE office on a Friday night, just in time for the weekend. 

This made things a bit more exciting for me, as I now had a partner in crime, my joy rides were all the more fun, on the Saturday morning we both went down to our favourite local coffee shop (FED in Redland for anyone who's local to the area, hands down the best Latte around) this was the first time we'd ridden bikes together and we were acting like a pair of kids. From here the possibilities were endless, where we would usually pick a single destination to walk to as it would take a good hour or two, we rode all over Bristol, stopping at Clifton Downs for a picnic.

My friend works at Bristol Zoo, and whilst we were up at Clifton Downs, we decided to go and pay her a visit. She's previously told me that the parking there is chaos, as she sometimes works manning the car park, the queues trail up the main road on a busy day as people one by one turn off into the very busy little car park, angering locals and zoo-goers, as no one likes to be held up, and upon arrival angered parkers tend to be resentful to pay the £5 parking charge. Well on this sunny Saturday I saw it all with my own eyes, we sailed past a huge queue snaking down the road outside of the zoo, parked up our bikes for free, we felt pretty smug.

On Sundays we do our weekly shopping, having only one bike the week previously, we walked to the shop (a good 30 mins) and Ubered back (£9). This weekend we were determined to try out shopping on a bike. I loaded my biggest bag onto Ross's back, we got a FED coffee on the way to fuel our endeavour, and were down at the shop in 10 minutes. We did a full week's shop, packed it into the bag, loaded Ross back up with a little more weight this time, and cycled home with it on his back.

I'm sure with a usual bike this might have weighed him down, but having the power of the LYTE bike he barely noticed it and told me if he was ever away I could definitely manage a similar amount myself. If I'm honest this was just a trial run and I half expected to give it a go, it be too much hassle and result in car-sharing to the shops, but with 5 power levels available on the bike it really is built for anything! And my expectations were exceeded, we will definitely continue to ride down to the shops! 

Author: Chloe Davies


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