After arriving to work on foot, my journey home was a lot more exciting! It was adrenaline rushing, not only being back on a bike, but my first electric bike! It’s agile, lightweight and, most importantly, good fun. I cycled home during rush hour, which sounds daunting, but with my LYTE bike propelling me forwards as I peddled I was easily cycling fast enough to keep up pace in the cycle lanes. The LYTE bikes brakes allowed me to stop quickly and smoothly without the fear of going over the handlebars, unlike any rusty old bikes I grew up on.

Bristol along with many other cities is changing and new bike lanes are being built all the time, so along busy roads, I felt really safe. I sailed up Cotham Brow, a hill i'd never have attempted on a normal bike, and was home so quickly I wasn't ready for it to end, like a kid with a new toy I rode past my flat and did a lap around the block. So as for biking to work - I was sold, and after a purchase of a waterproof jacket, this immediately became my new routine no matter what the weather.

Worrying about parking fines or tickets is a thing of my past, my new favourite (and now Free) thing to do on a Sunday is ride across Clifton Suspension Bridge to Ashton Court, a journey formerly done in the car, where ill admit I use to miss out on enjoying half of the views as I wove through the streets looking at google maps, worrying about finding coins somewhere in the car to pay for parking. And Ashton Court is not only bike-friendly, but has designated mountain biking trials, again something I never knew about!

I was out all afternoon and as I returned home, I started to lose daylight. With one quick press of a button on my handlebar all of my lights came on and display brightened. I realised riding in the dark is not much different to riding in the day, another worry overcome!

I'm so happy I challenged how often a car is truly necessary, and when it is, eg when moving house or staying dry, I've found great alternatives. Car sharing services allow you to easily rent a car on hourly rates or day rates (for about £5 an hour), if I type my address into Co Wheels, 3 cars on my own street pop up to rent, so should I need a big trip to Ikea it is a great service. (Sites I have been recommended are Co Wheels, Zipcar, and Karshare) I worked out what my car was costing me £3,120! Petrol alone costs more than a year's subscription to a LYTE bike. So with an electric bike, and car-sharing when needed, saving an unbelievable amount of money each year is a given.

Along side saving money, I am cutting my journey times down and implementing a short burst of exercise/fun twice daily into my routine. I still manage to carry my weekly shopping home, having avoided splashing out on unnecessary purchases, without getting tired thanks to the bike. Above all, I have a guilt free conscience, knowing I am making an effort to cut my carbon emissions. Consider me a LYTE bike convert.'

Author: Chloe Davies


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