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The bike and accessories

Stand out from the crowd on our super stylish LYTE bike which comes in two models.

The CLASSIC - a cool contemporary frame, speedy, agile and comes in a 55cm or 60cm frame.

The STEP - Our more relaxed model, which comes with dutch style handlebars and a step through frame.

Both our models are sleek and elegant in design featuring a removable battery, mudguards, an oil free Gates Carbon Belt Drive , a set of integrated lights, a Sold Secure Gold rated foldable lock, and a simple control panel.

See our range of eBike models HERE

Yes, you can come to us or we can come to you (if you fall within the current delivery area. See delivery area HERE to show you the bike, answer any questions you have, and offer you a test ride. All you need to do is book your test ride HERE.

One of the main reasons we have launched LYTE into Bristol first, is because we know that those hills are a pain! Or a joy depending on whether you’re going up or down.

This is one of the reasons we have focused only on electric bikes, because we believe that electric bikes give you full freedom of the city, regardless of hills, terrains, infrastructure available, or weather. You get to enjoy going up hills with a LYTE bike.

From 0% to 100% it will take only three hours to charge the battery. This is faster than most electric bikes out there.

But remember, it is very rare that you will need to charge from 0% to 100% unless you are riding 27miles each journey (if you are, we salute you!).

Depending on conditions the LYTE bike’s range on a single charge should be approximately 44km / 27 miles. The factors that can increase or decrease the range of the bike include: 

Outside temperature - colder weather can reduce the range. 

Hills - going up hills means you will use more energy and reduce your range, going down hills you will increase your range. 

Pressure of the tyres - if your tyres lose pressure you may experience lower range. 

The weight on the bike - depending on the overall weight applied to the bike this could affect the range.

LYTE bikes are engineered to a high quality and are made from premium materials. They can endure weights of up to 125 kg / 19.6 St.

Yes, 100%. A key benefit of the LYTE bike is that they all come with a Sold Secure Gold rated foldable lock. This is attached neatly to the bike frame, and is long and flexible to ensure that you can wrap it around most immovable objects. No hassle, no mess.

We advise you to wear one, but we cannot make you.

The bike weighs 15.9kg (35lbs)without accessories.

No, we’ve kept it simple for a smooth ride and less hassle with potential chain and gear issues. If you’ve ridden a bike at any point during your life you’ll know how annoying a chain with gears can be!

The LYTE bike’s motor will assist you up to speeds of 15.5 mph / 25 kph. Due to UK laws the power assist will turn off once this speed is reached and from then on your speed will be dependent on how hard you pedal. But we have to say, the LYTE bike rides really well even once that 15.5 mph speed has been reached, and compared to other bikes out there, it’s a smooth transition from power assist, to full human power.

Currently, none of the LYTE electric bikes are approved for mounting child carriers. Any use of child carriers is at your own risk.

Here is one child seat that has been used on this model before and fits.

We won't be responsible in any way and it would be down to you the customer to fit the accessory safely and securely.

The subscription service

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old for a LYTE subscription.

It’s easy, just head HERE and select the model you would like.

Add to basket, check the terms, head to check out, add your personal details and card details and proceed to subscribe.

Once you have done this you will receive a few emails, one of which is an email which requires your action to select a delivery / pick-up date and time, and to submit your ID and proof of address for verification. 

Once verified, your LYTE bike is ready to be delivered or for you to pick up, depending on the option you have selected.

Yes, of course. LYTE is all about giving you more freedoms, and real freedom means having the flexibility to change your mind as your lifestyle and needs change.

You can cancel anytime within at least 5 days before your subscription is due to auto-renew.

You can cancel through any of the following options: Log in to your account on www.lyteride.com; requesting cancellation via the LYTE chat service on the website, or by emailing hello@lyteride.com.

In all cases, you need to have received an email confirmation from us to confirm cancellation.

As keen cyclists we are aware at LYTE that sometimes bikes are (annoyingly) stolen. That’s life! That’s why your LYTE bike comes with theft protection, which means you are covered for theft of the bike if you have followed storage rules.

If your bike is stolen and you have followed the storage rules, we will arrange a replacement LYTE bike and help you file the necessary reports with the police and our insurers. 

Below shows you the storage rules you need to follow to be covered:

(1) Theft from HOME. Bike is stolen from a secured private locked location at your home. This would be inside your home, inside a locked garage or shed which only your home has access to.

(2) Theft AWAY from HOME. Bike is stolen from a location whilst the bike is locked to an immovable object using the provided Sold Secure Gold rated foldable lock. This is anywhere away from home, and would also include a shared bike storage at your home or on the street outside your house.

(3) Not ABANDONED. When storing your bike in a location away from your home and locked to an immovable object (as detailed in point 2 above), you have not left it for more than 24 hours.

No problem, we will provide you with a replacement that we order from the lock supplier. This will result in a £15 charge to youSo try not to lose it.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and that is why we are prepared for them. If you are safe and able to contact our team, please do so within the following 24 hours after the incident.

If your travel plans have been disrupted, we can assist you with up to £200 in emergency travel expenses to ensure that you get to your destination. Remember, we’re about unlocking more freedoms, and we know that you have important destinations to get to.


Any damage from the incident is covered and we aim to get you back on two wheels within 48 hours or less, of you informing our team. You need to report any damage to use within 24 hours of it happening through the live chat on the website www.lyteride.com

Unfortunately, we cannot allow this as the insurance will be void putting you and us at risk.


Currently we deliver within  the Bristol area with the following postcodes: BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9, BS10, BS13, BS14, BS15, BS16, BS34. (See map)

But don’t worry,  if you live or work outside of this area, you can collect your LYTE bike from our pick up point at Future Leap Hub, 1-3 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AA.

It's up to you! You'll be able to choose a delivery or pick-up slot when you order. The soonest time slot you can book will be from 24 hours of your booking.

Delivery could be delayed if you have not submitted satisfactory photo ID and proof-of-address.

Payments & billings

This is a pay-monthly subscription service which will auto-renew each month from the day that you receive your LYTE bike. The auto-renew will continue until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel through any of the following options: 

Log in to your account on www.lyteride.com requesting cancellation via the LYTE chat service on the website

or emailing hello@lyteride.com

In all cases, you need to have received an email confirmation from us to confirm cancellation. 

A subscription to LYTE is an easy £75 per month. In addition to receiving a high-end electric bike the LYTE subscription includes delivery, a Sold Secure Gold rated foldable lock, theft protection, accidental damage cover, and  free maintenance & service You’re basically signing up to hassle free access to more freedoms.

Once you've signed up and paid for your first month, your subscription will start on the date that you receive your LYTE bike. You'll then be recharged on the same day each month until you cancel your subscription.

Example: you sign up on 17th March but you select to receive your LYTE bike on 24th March. Your next recharge date will be 24th April.

We’ve tried to be as straightforward and easy to understand as possible when it comes to costs associated with our service. We’re all about giving you more freedoms, and more freedoms means not having hidden costs.

As long as you have followed the storage rules and report any theft and damage to us within 24 hours, you will be covered and won’t see additional costs. 

One of the costs you won't be covered for is a lost key which is charged at £15.

If we haven't answered your query here, feel free to drop us a line in the chat box.

You can find the chat box by clicking on the speech bubble in the bottom right of any page.