We’re tired of wasting time, stuck in line.

What if we were suddenly free?

Free from the noise, the smell, the traffic, the stress. Free to walk, ride, party, explore, and eat al fresco.

Bringing you freedom on two wheels. We offer high quality lightweight electric bike with all the trimmings, on a flexible monthly subscription.

Our service currently serves the Bristol area, although we expect to be expanding to other cities very soon.

We exist to create more vibrant cities, through unlocking your social, environmental, & economic freedoms.

We’ve built something bigger than just access to two wheels. We’re reshaping the city for a lighter future. Where life on two feet and two wheels is the norm and transport is redesigned with community in mind.

For more fun. For cleaner lives. For less money. For lower impact. For happier people. For the future.

It’s all in our name.

Think LYTE. Solutions to heavy problems.