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How it works

1. Choose your bike

2. Pay for your first month

3. Complete ID verification

4. Select delivery / pick-up

5. Your LYTE bike gets delivered to you

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"I’ve just received my LYTE bike and have taken it for a test run. It’s powerful and smooth, and so much fun to cycle! My commute to work has been upgraded! Also I love the all inclusive service, with insurance, a lock and lights. All I had to do was buy a helmet and I was ready to go!"

Suzy NP - Bristol resident

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Who Rides LYTE


Perfect for beating congestion queues and getting to work sweat free.


LYTE works perfectly for the gig economy helping you to earn more money more efficiently.


Check if your university is partnered with LYTE. If not, we can help bring LYTE to you.


LYTE will soon be included with the cycle to work scheme. In the meantime we’re offering
attractive discounts to employers to help you live healthier and happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

A subscription to LYTE is an easy £75 per month. In addition to receiving a high-end electric bike the LYTE subscription includes delivery, a Sold Secure Gold rated foldable lock, theft protection, accidental damage cover, and  free maintenance & service You’re basically signing up to hassle free access to more freedoms.

Currently we deliver within  the Bristol area with the following postcodes: BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9, BS10, BS13, BS14, BS15, BS34. (See map)

But don’t worry,  if you live or work outside of this area, you can collect your LYTE bike from our pick up point at Future Leap Hub, 1-3 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AA.

Yes, of course. LYTE is all about giving you more freedoms, and real freedom means having the flexibility to change your mind as your lifestyle and needs change.

You can cancel anytime within at least 5 days before your subscription is due to auto-renew.

You can cancel through any of the following options: Log in to your account on; requesting cancellation via the LYTE chat service on the website, or by emailing

In all cases, you need to have received an email confirmation from us to confirm cancellation.

As keen cyclists we are aware at LYTE that sometimes bikes are (annoyingly) stolen. That’s life! That’s why your LYTE bike comes with theft protection, which means you are covered for theft of the bike if you have followed storage rules.

If your bike is stolen and you have followed the storage rules, we will arrange a replacement LYTE bike and help you file the necessary reports with the police and our insurers. 

Below shows you the storage rules you need to follow to be covered:

(1) Theft from HOME. Bike is stolen from a secured private locked location at your home. This would be inside your home, inside a locked garage or shed which only your home has access to.

(2) Theft AWAY from HOME. Bike is stolen from a private storage location whilst the bike is locked to an immovable object using the provided Sold Secure Gold rated foldable lock. This is anywhere away from home, and would also include a shared bike storage at your home or on the street outside your house.

(3) Not ABANDONED. When storing your bike in a private storage location away from your home (as detailed in point 2 above), you have not left it for more than 24 hours.