'Ever since I passed my driving test 8 years ago, I’ve not been without a car. For me, driving means freedom, comfort and safety, and getting into the car alone, blasting my music and putting my foot down, is something I actually really enjoy. If it's 11pm and I fancy something from the shop, I can get in my car and whiz down. Running late? No problem, grab my keys. And if I don't have my car, I'm so used to not using my legs ill probably order an Uber.

But since moving from the outskirts of Leicester to near enough central Bristol, I started the really question my need for four wheels, that along with the two bus lane tickets I received in the space of one month, and generally having a climate change induced sense of impending doom looming overhead.

Im not into bikes and to be honest since being a child i've only ever really cycled at Center Parcs. At Center Parcs it's like an alternate universe, where at the start of the weekend you trade-in your car for a bike, and cycling is the only legal use of transportation. Its bliss rain or shine, you realise you really don't miss the weight that giant lump of mental you call your pride and joy. So why I hadn't thought to adapt this model of life sooner.

Since being employed as a Graphic Designer at LYTE, I decided this was fate. I sold my car through Auto Trader the same morning I started the job, arriving at the office on time by the skin on my teeth, not yet being accustomed to the slight extra bit of time needed to use my legs. After a quick lesson from Ben, CEO of LYTE, on the road outside of the office, I streamlined my lifestyle in a matter of hours!

Stay tuned to see how I found swapping my Seat Ibiza for an electric LYTE electric bike..

Author: Chloe Davies


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